Parish Life Committee

  • The role of the Parish Life Committee is advisory, and will be responsible to:

    A) Preserve the culture of each parish by overseeing events which are unique to their individual parish.
    B) Discuss the things that they notice in their parish and have been brought to their attention from fellow parishioners, to dialogue and share the situations, needs and successes of their parishes and present them to Parish Pastoral Council and the Pastor.
    C) Provide broad, honest input and feedback to Parish Pastoral Council and the Pastor.
    D) Assist, adapt when necessary, and implement decisions of the Parish Pastoral Council in their individual parishes.
    E) Communicate information and decisions between their parish and the Parish Pastoral Council
    In other words, your Parish Life Committee will oversee the needs of our parish, with attention to our uniqueness and our community. We will be the liaison between the parish community and the Parish Pastoral Council. Our activities will reflect the decision of the Parish Pastoral Council and our Pastor.
    Parish Life Committee